Last night I had a dream that my eyebrow was growing the same way as my hair does, curly and really bushy. My eyebrow was growing really thick. Part of it was growing out and over the middle and when I pushed this bit to the side, underneath I found the remains of a spider’s egg sac. It was covering most of my eyebrow and had left a brown, sticky residue. I was already in the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror, I noticed that the spider was still there. It was the size of a two dollar coin and was crawling across my face. I wasn’t scared by it and calmly swatted it off and started to wash the weird brown webbing off of my eyebrow. The dream was more than strange. I got the sticky stuff off and thought about maybe trimming my eyebrows.


Delving deep into the mind of a dreamer

As she whispers sweet nothings to his ear

Maybe love has finally found her, maybe she is looking still.

Wounds so deep took years to heal, yet somehow she has no scars

Only a trace of worry when she furrows her brows.

A gentle hand on his nape, a stroke upon her cheek

A quiet moment passes and they smile, blissfully.

Who are these two lovers, laughing away the night?

Is this more than passion?

It could be, it might.

But the dreamer is woken

She stares blankly at her ceiling

The face of her lover, a moment, fleeting.