Maybe if we all wanted less and thought about the things that we really needed in life we’d feel freer. We’d think more about what we have rather than constantly filling our homes with trinkets and items. Humans seem to have an insatiable appetite for things, as if having more is somehow going to protect us from the pain of loss. It’s strange to think that. Why is that we are always trying to obtain more even though more is never quite enough?

Maybe it’s just human nature to want more and to seek for more. If our ancestors hadn’t, the human race would likely not have come as far as it has. We might not have roamed the lands looking for better food or shelter. We might not have made such extraordinary discoveries about our universe. We might not have discovered our own consciousness.

However, in our journey towards more, we lost something. We lost our empathy towards nature.We forgot about the land that gave us food and shelter. We forgot how to walk upon the earth without leaving scars.

Although, our human nature tells us to seek for more, our awoken consciousness also speaks and says that more is not the answer to everything.



Six letters that are supposed to encompass the trajectory of your working life. Where do I even begin if I can’t focus on, can’t choose what path I’m going to take? Inundated with choices and options and maybes and ‘that sounds good’ but never being able to determine whether that or this will be satisfying. In a word, frustrating.