Minimalism – a start

There’s a lot of stuff that I’ve kept over the years which I don’t use anymore. Some of these things I’ve kept in a drawer I haven’t opened in over four years. I finally decided to open said drawer and discovered that there were posters there from my youth that I’d now be embarrassed to display on my bedroom walls. I got rid of them and it’s all part of living more with less. An idea I adopted when I found a video while trawling through YouTube:

Buying less stuff is not entirely unfamiliar to me. Going through university with a meager allowance certainly helped to turn the tide on my spending. It’s getting rid of things that I find more difficult. I’m still in the process of getting rid of stuff. I’ve given myself another month to give away, donate or sell the things I don’t want or use anymore.

It’s therapeutic getting rid of things and knowing that I’m going to have less things. It’s freeing simply because I don’t have to worry about something I own. Being less materialistic emphasises what’s really important, like surrounding yourself with people rather than things.

So far, my proudest moment was walking into a warehouse sale and walking out with nothing.



Who am I?

A list of things I like doing:

  • Writing
  • Singing
  • Talking to people and learning about their stories
  • Cooking
  • Listening to stories
  • Learning languages and hearing them
  • Learning about other countries
  • Thinking about travelling (I have yet to plan a trip)
  • Thinking about creating things (I fail in doing because a part of me is afraid. I am in the process of slowly taking down the wall of fear)

A list of things I care about:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • The environment
  • Finding balance in my life
  • Feeling one with nature
  • Living in an environmentally friendly way
  • Art and culture
  • People and connecting with them

A list of things that are important to me:

  • Family
  • Friendship
  • Living out my beliefs and values
  • Living a less materialistic lifestyle
  • My health
  • Being true to myself